Window Lock Types That Will Keep Your Home Safe

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When it comes to home safety, it’s essential to know all the ins and outs of your home. For example, even if you have the most reliable, advanced door lock on your front door, that means nothing without the proper window lock types. So whether you’re choosing new locks for an existing window or deciding on locks for your replacement windows, it’s good to know what options you may encounter. 

Window lock types that will keep your home safe

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1. Folding latch

Primarily, You’ll see folding latches on awning and casement windows. These locks are on the window’s frame and fold down to lock the window entirely. Casement windows, often called “crank windows,” have a handle that twists clockwise or counterclockwise to open or close. Once the window is in the desired position, the lever folds to lock.

2. Window lock types- Keyed locks

The name gives it away—keyed locks require a key to lock and release. These window lock types are typically found on the sides of windows, and they work best on single-hung, double-hung, and sliding windows. These locks are sturdier than latch locks, another standard window lock. Keyed locks are often paired with latches for more security.

3. Swivel action locks

These are unique styles of window locks. Swivel action locks are self-locking thanks to a snib that prevents the window from opening once it’s closed. There’s no key used to lock or unlock your windows. You can’t open your windows once they’re shut. But no, it’s as simple as turning the snib from left to right, which releases the lock.

4. Ventilating locks

A ventilating lock is installed above the sash on the window frame. It has a moveable pin that, when placed above the window, prevents it from opening all the way. However, the window can open fully if the pin is pushed aside.

5. Hinged wedge locks

Hinged wedge locks are also great for families with small children because they limit the amount the windows open. The locks are pushed inward towards the window to allow it to open completely. However, if the lock is pulled away from the window, it will not open as widely.

Are window locks replacement a suitable option?

Old windows can be a safety hazard in the house. As they age, the hinges and latches on windows deteriorate and do not function as they should. It makes old windows challenging to operate and can also be hazardous in an emergency. They are also easier for thieves to break into and gain access to the home. So window locks replacement is a wise choice left.

Most common window lock handle for UPVC

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The most common window lock handle for PVC panes is Turn and Tilt. It can be rotated 180 degrees if necessary. In addition, these holds have a tip that occurs before or after turning. The white aperture for these types is also available in lockable styles and mechanisms on the market. You can find this style of the arm on panes as well as sliding patio doors. Because of their design, it is easy to clean from the inside.

Final words

To make sure that your window locks are properly installed, contact SLS Locksmith. As a company specializing in home and office locking systems, SLS Locksmith comprises a team of experts in lock installations and repairs, emergency lockouts, and key change services. Contact us today to learn more about window lock types and our services.