Tips To Increase Your Security Garage Doors

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The security garage doors are convenient for parking a vehicle and storing household overflow—anything from sports equipment to decorations items and garden tools. Your garage is most vulnerable when you aren’t home. If you worry about garage door security, this is a clear sign that you must review your garage door safety.

Tips to increase your security garage doors

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1. Safety garage door sensors

If you add sensors, you’ll know anytime someone else opens or closes the garage. You can even receive an alarm through your phone when there’s unauthorized activity. In addition, some home security systems offer special tilt sensors. These are different from your typical entry or open/close sensors because they account for how some garage doors tilt while closing.

2. Check your landscaping

Make sure neighbors can see everything near your garage by clearing away large trees and keeping entry points visible from the street. In addition, planting small thorny shrubs under ground-floor garage windows can discourage thieves from breaking in that way.

3. Don’t leave your garage door opener remote in your car

Although it’s convenient to clip a remote to your car’s sun visor or toss it into the glovebox, those are the first places a thief will look. Try to keep the remote in your purse or pocket, or take it into the home and stow it with your car keys.

4. Install security garage doors opener

Security garage doors are convenient for homeowners and assure that everything is OK at the house, even when you’re away. For example, a garage door opener that you connect to your phone or tablet allows you to check whether your door is open or shut—in other words, it’s the saving grace for absentminded house owners.

5. Install lights with motion sensors

If a light suddenly flips on while a pair of burglars lurks near your garage’s side door, it is bound to startle them—and maybe even frighten them away altogether. However, since you might not be home (or awake) to flip the switch manually, lights with motion sensors are a practical option.

6. Surveillance

You can be more aware of what happens around your garage by installing additional technology, such as motion detector lighting and video cameras. Cameras are so cheap now that you can get coverage without breaking the bank.

7. Adding the security overhead doors

Safety garage doors by sls locksmith services

Whatever you decide to use your garage space for, your overhead garage door provides security. Garage doors are built strong and made to be only opened by the owner with the overhead garage door opener. Parking our cars behind these security overhead doors can reduce the theft risk. 

Final words

Whether you’re deciding to install security garage doors for a new home or need to increase the security of the current garage door, the SLS Locksmith is here to assist you along the way. With our best locksmith services, we can also enhance the look and feel of your residential and commercial property.