How To Open A Safe With Lock Combination?

how to reset safe combination lock?

Safe with lock combination specially designed to keep your asset out of reach and, if you prefer, out of sight. However, when a dial seems to stick on a specific number or stops rotating altogether, this is a sign of a more severe problem with the lock. Before taking further measures, check with the manufacturer. In addition, there are some helpful tips about opening a safe.

How to open a safe with lock combination?

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1. Scoping

After drilling a small hole, a locksmith inserts a borescope to get an idea of how to open the safe lock. It is an effective and relatively inexpensive method when added security measures – such as glass re-lockers or manipulation-proof mechanical locks – are present.

2. The brute force option

You may be forced to use a saw or blowtorch to unlock a newer safe. While it is an effective technique, much effort is involved. Therefore, it should be treated as a last option and avoided until all other methods of opening you’re safe to have been exhausted.

3. Use a nail file to open your combination lock for safe

Like the paper clip method, a nail file can also pick your safe’s lock. Your nail file will require you to go through the keyhole in this method. Wobble the file around a bit in the keyhole, press the pins, and finally listen for that ‘click’ sound. You must turn the file clockwise once you hear some noise to get the lock to turn and open the safe. This method requires patience and time to unlock your combination lock for safe, just like the paperclip method.

4. Drill through the lock

This option, although practical, also means permanent damage to your safe. Instead, drill through the lock to break it and release the door. If you wish to continue using your safe, you can replace the lock after it has been broken

5. Trying to pry it open

Because these safes aren’t entirely impermeable, there should be enough room to break open the locking mechanism and insert a strong rod. Unfortunately, once you’ve forced it free, it will damage the locking mechanism and will no longer be used for its intended function.

5. Contact a locksmith to open your safe with lock combination

Suppose you still need to change the safe’s combination number. In that case, a locksmith can most likely retrieve the original number combination if the safe with lock combination has never been changed. They can also replace the dial with an electronic safe lock.

How to reset safe combination lock?

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Resetting a safe’s combination can be relatively easy, depending on the circumstances. So how to reset safe combination lock? First, the safe must be open to reset it. If the combination is resettable by the user, the documentation with the safe will contain instructions on resetting it. Of course, this presumes you can open your safe in the first place. If you can’t, Call a professional locksmith to reset the combination.

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