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master key system

The world has become more advanced, and our everyday tasks are usually turned convenient with technology. One of the great examples of advanced technology is a master key system. The Master key really brought a big change in the business owners’ lives. However, most people are still unaware of the fascinating concept of master keys. Therefore today, we will talk about a master key system that SLS Locksmith offers at an affordable price.

The basics of the master key system

The big business owners or managers handling large businesses and offices, never like their employees and other occupants to carry a huge number of keys. So it becomes very inconvenient to carry multiple keys daily to handle various locks. So introducing the master key system has brought a big convenient change in their lives. Interestingly, the master key allows you to open different locks with a single key.

It also restricts access based on an individual’s position in the organization.

So basically master key system is a key plan that permits certain keys to open a predefined number of doors to provide better security and control while giving quick access to any part of the building. 

Levels of Master Key System

master key system

The master key system is divided into four different levels that are primarily based on how many doors they enable us to open. 

From least access to most access, there are four levels of the master key system.

1) Sub-master keys 

Sub master keys are also known as user keys or change keys. They enable the user to open one lock or the locks that are exactly the same. In addition, the predefined locks that can be accessed with the sub-master keys will also open with master keys or other keys above that level. 

2) Master key

A master key system is required to change the simple lock into the master key lock that will become accessible with this system. Without a master key, you cannot open the different locks with a single key. 

3) Grandmaster key

Level 3 consists of a grand master key that enables the users to access multiple master key systems in the same building. A grand master key allows you to open the locks that come below this level.

4) Great grand master key

Finally, on the fourth level, the great grand master key is a system that will open all the grand master key systems, all the master key systems, and the sub master keys. 

What are the advantages of the master key system?

master key system

Nowadays, people choose the master key system because of its several advantages that come in handy during emergencies. It is the top solution for security enhancement in terms of controlling and restricting access.


Wrap Up 

If you are a business owner managing a large office, installing a master key system would benefit you. To install the master keys with a reliable locksmith company, you can connect with SLS Locksmith.

Our expert team of locksmiths can help you assess your security needs and offer the right master key system or access control system. 


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