How to open a safe without key – 6 Ways

How to open combination safe

A safe holds valuables and essential documents in a household or office. It is vital to keep the key to the safe in a place you will remember, but that is not easy for someone to find in the event of a burglary. So how to open a safe without key? Several safes are equipped with a code, key, electronic or biometric mechanism. However, it may happen that the owner will not be able to remember the password or lose the key. So for that purpose, we will discuss ways to open a safe without a key.

How to open a safe without key?

how open safe by sls locksmith services

1. Opening the safe with the aid of a knife or similar tool 

Opening the safe with a knife is the easiest way. To achieve this, use the blade’s tip and insert it into the keyhole. Shake the knife a little, and the lock will eventually open. This method should take a few seconds or minutes to open the safe. 

2. How to open a safe without key?- use a nail file

Another way to crack open a safe is by using a nail file. The nail file must be metal, which helps if it also has a nail cutter. With it, you can open the safe even though you don’t have the keys or combination codes.

3. Drill the safe

When picking a lock is impossible, which usually happens with high-security safe locks, drilling is the next step to opening up the safe. So do not feel frustrated if your locksmith opts to drill the safe open. But the question remains How open safe without a key? If you have to access your items inside and cannot wait for a replacement key from the manufacturer, you will have to agree to drill the safe option.

4. How to open combination safes?- try bouncing or slamming your safe

Although this may sound weird, many safe owners claim that slamming the safe from a respectable distance may override the lock and unlock it. How to open combination safes? Use this hack if you’ve forgotten your safe’s combo and lost the key.

5. Use a screwdriver to open a safe without a key

If you use a knife or screwdriver, slide the pointed end down or rotate the anticlockwise direction. Using a screwdriver, ensure the sharp tip fits into the keyhole. The method is virtually identical to a nail cutter filter and is most appropriate. The first step is putting the screwdriver on a flat surface and inserting the screwdriver’s tip into the keyhole. To open the safe, turn the screwdriver counterclockwise.

6. Using a magnet

How to open a safe without key by sls locksmith

How to open a safe without a key? To open a safe with the help of a magnet may sound ineffective, but sometimes it can work. It includes placing the magnet on the bolt. The bolt is present in the solenoid of the safe. The function of the solenoid is to control the bolt. The primary purpose is to pull the bolt back by moving the magnet. 

Final words

You may not require to unlock your safe without a key often, but when the need arises, it helps to know how to go about it effectively. How to open a safe without a key? As mentioned, we can tackle this problem via a DIY approach. But most effective methods require knowledge and experience. That is why contacting a locksmith is the best option contacting an SLS Locksmith to assist you with unlocking your safe without a key.


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