How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside

Locking the bedroom door from the outside is so extreme. But we all have our reasons why we would wish to do so. So how to lock bedroom door from outside? It is still beneficial sometimes, no matter how weird and strange it sounds. There are many ways to lock your bedroom from the outside. 

How to lock bedroom door from outside?

How to install a lock on a bedroom door?

1. Security bar

For better security against significant force, like burglars attempting to kick down a door or break it down with their shoulders, security bars can help. These security bars or barricades consist of a pair of heavy-duty brackets fastened to the wall or door frame, depending on the product. This bar can be lifted up and out of the stands when required to use the door and quickly replaced afterward with minimal effort.

2. How to lock bedroom door from outside?- By using a padlock

Another method to lock a door from the outside is using a padlock. This method is similar to the locking latch method, but instead of attaching the padlock to the door, you will need to attach it to something on the other side of the door, like a doorknob or handle.

3. Install a keypad bedroom door lock

How to lock bedroom door from outside? Using a keypad door lock is a stylish and convenient way of securing any interior door from the outside and improving privacy without having to use a key. There are countless possibilities when it comes to keypad locks. They’re available even in the form of smart locks.

4. Using smart locks

Using a smart lock provides a significant level of security. Some locks include voice recognition, remote control, and other unique features. However, they are susceptible to breaking through forced entries. The hacker can also alter them. In addition, its installation is quite tricky and expensive since it may require additional hardware.

5. You can use a wedge

It is a simple and considerable method. First, get a wedge-shaped door stopper, or use one made from cardboard. You can also use commercial ones made from rubber. Next, close the door and place the door wedge on the opening side of the door. Tap the wedge in place until it’s secure, then test whether or not the door shuts.

6. How to install a lock on a bedroom door- Using night latches

How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside ?

Finally, the last technique is effective for a wooden door with night latches or mortice deadlock. If you’re interested in locking the door from the outside, the first thing you require to do is get the compatible key to the door. The exact process applies if the door uses a mortice deadlock. How to install a lock on a bedroom door? You must insert the key inside the mortice deadlock and turn it clockwise until you reach an end.

Final words

How to lock bedroom door from outside? The best way is to hire a professional locksmith service. SLS Locksmith is one such locksmith service. They have decades of experience and have a well-earned reputation for getting the job done correctly and swiftly. Please call us today for a fast, reliable locksmith in your area.