Benefits Of Installing Garage Door Screen

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A garage door screen is a beneficial addition to the garage opening that allows for a patio-style screen door to be placed inside your garage door. There are many benefits to experience when investing in your home’s garage door system. Here are some of the advantages you can experience.

Benefits of installing garage door screen

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1. Energy efficiency

Opening the garage and using a screen door eliminates the need for a portable A/C system or multiple fans. Instead, you’ll benefit from airflow and more relaxed evening- and night-time temperatures. In addition, it will save energy and reduce seasonal cooling costs.

2. Installing a garage door screen provides security

A garage door screen can also add a layer of security to your garage. Although it may not be challenging to break through if someone tries, simply seeing an open garage door with a screen in front of it will make your garage less of an easy target than one wide open. And if your garage door is closed, the screen behind it increases one more barrier to get past, making it all the more likely that you or a passer-by will spot the person trying to break in.

3. Pest control

Pests can make anywhere unbearable, especially flying insects such as flies, gnats, wasps, and mosquitoes. Installing a garage door screen will keep pests out of your garage and help keep them out of your house. It will also make your garage a bright, pest-free space, making it a pleasant place to work and hang out.

4. More space for minimal cost

Everyone enjoys being outside and getting some fresh air. However, installing a new deck, patio, or sunroom can be expensive and may not even be feasible. On the other hand, a new garage screen lifestyle door will cost a fraction of those other areas.

5. Keep your garage clean

When your garage door opens, the breeze can blow dirt, leaves, dust, pollen, and debris into your garage. Aside from creating a messy garage, you want this stuff away from the interior of your home, the garage door track, and its lubricated mechanical pieces.

6. Adding a screen for garage door increases privacy

You can choose from several options with a customized motorized garage door screen. You can also throw in a privacy screen to limit the visibility into the garage. Adding a screen for garage door allows you to leave the door open without worrying about what people will be able to see.

Can garage door parts be repaired on their own?

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Garage doors are essential home parts that you likely rely on daily. They protect what’s inside your garage and house from intruders and thieves who can weasel their way into your house through the garage. Unfortunately, garage doors can be finicky. If you experience any minor or significant problem with your garage door parts, call a professional to help. 

Final words

These are some of the advantages of installing garage door screens. If you are installing a garage door screen on your house, give SLS Locksmith a call today. We provide reliable service and are highly recommended. The screen experts of our team are always on call to help you with any problems you might have. 


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